SimCity 5 has a big disadvantage

SimCity 5 is, as it name says, the fifth from the series SimCity and it is for certain one most played and sold games, even though it isn’t an action game, or shooter or a racing game - see important news.

The new SimCity has many good parts, but at the same time it has many bad ones which can make the gaming experience not a pleasant one. First of all, this game has a bad start since after it has been launched, fans couldn’t enjoyed it from a couple of days. This happened because the new game requires a permanent internet connection to the Maxis severs, severs that in the first days have been overcrowded.

Meanwhile the situation has been resolved: the number of severs has been increased and EA has offered also a free game to all that have purchased SimCity and activated on Origin system until 25 March 2013 - discover best guide.

But this wasn’t the main problem of the game, the major problem is that in order to enjoy this game you will need a permanent connection to the internet in order to play and to save your progress. The producers stated that this is an important need since the simulation of cities is helped by the Maxis servers. This statement has proved to be wrong after a hacker managed to crack the game code and so this game could be played offline on undetermined time, but without the option to save the city progress - see simple tutorial.

In fact, the requirement to be all the time connected to the internet is a way to eliminate piracy, but still it causes frustrations because there are many players that don’t have a stable internet connection or simply they want to enjoy the virtual world of SimCity in an area without internet. So, the game is not for those who can’t be online all the time.

The new SimCity allows to create and administrate one or more city from a certain area. The player needs first to create a private or a public area (basically a gaming room that can be shared with other players or not) and to choose a field where to create the city.

The selection of the field is pretty easy taking into account the fact that the game offers you information about the natural resources.

SimCity has now a better graphic interface as we all expected, is simpler and improved. Now we have the possibility to see essential information about the city and his population. We can see clearly the places where there is oil, the degree of pollution of the soil, the degree of happiness of population or even the number of those who don’t have a home.

Besides the first disadvantage that I have mentioned before (and the biggest from my point of view), a second one would be the fact that the SimCity have smaller cities now, so small that you may need to build another city next to the initial one.

SimCity is a complex game which approaches well many problems related with the administration of a city. Artistic is a good game, but not so extraordinary like many of us thought.

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